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The Framers on Peachtree offers the largest selection of photo frames and pre-made frames in the area. Our frames are made by reputable companies such as Roma, Larson Juhl, Decor, La Marcher, Big Ass Frames, Master Frame Builders, and Rustic Creations. Each of these companies uses quality wood for their frames. The photo frames and the pre-made frames are available in a variety of standard sizes, styles, and colors.

The standard size photo frames include: 3x3, 31/2 x 5, 4x6, 5x5, 5x7, and 8x10; our standard size pre- made frames include: 5x7, 8x10, 81/2x11, 9x12, 11x14, 12x16, 14x18, 16x20, and 18x24. Easel back or wall mount is available.

Styles range from traditional to contemporary and are available in silver, gold, black, and natural wood tones. Other options include rustic barnwood pre-made frames and colorful hand- painted photo frames. These options offer convenient, time saving and economical alternatives to custom framing. Whether you are designing a wall of family photographs or need a special gift you will find many styles and sizes to choose from.

Ready Made Frames

Animaux APF ASF Athens

Munn Big Ass Caxton Regency

Holton Soho Southern Max